Thanks to the Haddonfield Foundation from Cub Scout Pack 65

Sep 8, 2020

“Thanks to a generous grant from the Haddonfield Foundation, Cub Scout Pack 65 was able to purchase a much needed Pinewood Derby track that will benefit Haddonfield youth for years to come.  The Pinewood Derby is an annual tradition in the Cub Scouting program in which young scouts work hand in hand with a parent or other caring adult to design and build a small wooden race car.  It’s a bonding opportunity that helps develop a sense of accomplishment and pride as kids set goals for themselves and watch their creations race across the finish line.  As our pack continued to grow over the past years, our previous track was no longer able to meet our needs.  But because of the Haddonfield Foundation grant we were not only able to purchase a new track for the use and enjoyment of our scouts but are able to pass on our previous track to another Cub Scout pack in need of a first track of their own.  Kids both in and outside of Haddonfield will be benefiting from the Haddonfield Foundation’s gift for many years to come.”