Your contrubtions can help seed a dream in Haddonfield.

Since 1983, with support from the community, The Haddonfield Foundation has provided vital early “seed money” to more than 100 local grassroots organizations and projects enhancing our quality of life.

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Haddonfield only thrives because of  dedication from people like you.

In Haddonfield, Your Contributions Make Dreams Possible for the…

If money were not an issue, what would you like to see in our town?

What would be your dream here, if we had the resources?

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Let’s say there is a real old messy dump in the town. Then, someone, like you, comes up with an idea of a turning it into a big park with athletic fields, a playhouse theatre and a place to play or just relax. Maybe, even a little farm area where people could grow flowers and even vegetables. Dreams are possible in Haddonfield and welcome to Crows Woods!

Imagine all we can accomplish together!

Who Picks the Dreams that Come True?

You do. The people in the town. Ensure a Legacy In Haddonfield!