The Haddonfield Foundation

The Haddonfield Foundation Fosters Charitable Giving for Public Purposes within the Borough of Haddonfield and Among its Citizenry, to Promote, Maintain, and Enhance Our Quality of Life.

Planting acorns since 1983

Haddonfield residents are fortunate to be able to participate in a unique range of wonderful programs, activities and services for residents of all ages and interests. Since 1983, with support from the community, The Haddonfield Foundation has provided vital early "seed money" to more than 100 local grassroots organizations and projects enhancing our quality of life.

>> 2015 Grant Recipients

>> June 29, 2016 Haddonfield Foundation Helps Markeim Art Center Solve Window Issue

Children and parents have enjoyed the Foundation's support of Haddonfield Child Care; public and pre-school playground upgrades; drug abuse prevention programs; soccer, tennis, Little League, varsity sports and drama club programs; the Haddonfield Public Library; and dinosaur sculpture. We have provided financial assistance to Candlelight Shopping, the beautification of Kings Highway, First Night, and the installation of cardiac defibrillators in police cars and public buildings to save heart attack victims. For senior citizens, The Haddonfield Foundation helped start and fund vital programs such as housing assistance, the Mabel Kay House, and Interfaith Caregivers. And to support the cultural arts, The Foundation has played a key role with the Markeim Art Center, Plays & Players, Haddonfield Symphony, Indian King Tavern Museum, the Historical Society, Haddonfield Farmers Market, and the popular Haddonfield Fine Arts and Crafts Festival.

100% of your contributions are used to support worthy causes in Haddonfield. The Foundation is managed by a volunteer Board, and modest fundraising expenses are covered by endowment interest. Every dollar of your contribution is invested prudently and distributed thoughtfully.